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About Us

Tumaini Montessori Friends Kindergarden is a project of Streetkids International Tanzania Branch. We provide our children at the Tumaini orphanages in Tanzania with quality Montessori teaching.


The kindergarden is run by our two teachers, Miriam and Furaha. Miriam is a Montessori primary school and kindergarden teacher from Zimbabwe. Furaha herself grew up in the Streetkids family at Tumaini (Tumaini means hope). After completing her Montessori teacher training in 2013, returned to teach her brothers and sisters.


Since 2015 our kindergarden is operating on our new compound where the children are also able to make use of the terrace and landscaped playground. The kindergarden also has the chance to expand day care facilities and open up to children from outside our organisation. The aim is, to transform the kindergarden into a self supporting organisation. "Help me to do it myself" is not only the claim for our children but for the entire organisation.

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Our Aim

The aim of the Montessori method is to build capacity and encourage independence in each child, as well as promoting their social skills.


Each child is a unique individual with unique Potential, who deserves to be encouraged in their own abilities, at their own pace and not according to a prescribed curriculum as is common in Tanzania.


It is not just about knowledge but to the development of real understanding and personal maturity. It is about giving room for curiosity, creativity, initiative and resourcefulness to the children.


This is particularly important in Tanzania, where we believe education and self-motivation are a huge help to a better future.


We want to help people to help themselves, building a secure future and for the community and make a meaningful contribution to Tanzania, whilst creating a better of a job and an income.

Core Principles

  • Develop and strengthen teamwork and social skills through a mixed-age group, the choice between social forms while working (individual, partner, group work), and the agreement on the use of the materials.


  • Respect for the dignity of children through non-directive treatment, giving them a role model for communication and behaviour in the group.


  • Observing and leading the situation in the interests of the children, and supporting them on their individual learning path.


  • Help each child to take responsibility for themselves and others, to act independently of external requirements, and to develop flexibility and adaptability.


  • Promote personal development as the basis for concentrated learning through musical and artistic education.

Head teacher Furaha giving support at Montessori Kindergarten
Teacher Furaha givin lessons

Famous Montessori students

Larry Page and Sergey Brin

founders of Google

Jeff Bezos

founder of Amazon

Prince William and Prince Harry

- royals of England

Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis

- Former First Lady

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Nobel Prize winner for Literature

“Help me to do it myself”

Where wars and terror are all over the world, it is our duty to bring education as a basis for peace in Tansania’s growing generation.

We provide our children with:

• discovery, knowledge, understanding of the natural and social environment

• curiosity and admiration for nature and culture

• motivation to contribute to this natural and social world

• knowledge that we are all interdependent and have equal rights

Education for Peace

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Our nursery is situated in Tanzania, about an hour and half outside of the seat of government Dar es Salaam. Tanzania is on the east coast of Africa, south of the equator.


Tanzania is one of the poorest countries in the world. There are 2.5 million orphans in Tanzania who lost their parents by HIV. 32,1% of the population are malnourished, 45% have no access to clean water, and 58% live on less than 1USD per day.

Swahili is the official language, and English is widely spoken, but importantly only 20% of Tanzanians can read.


Where we teach is also a very beautiful and diverse country, with many different ethnic groups and friendly, very polite people. Tanzania is home to three of Africa’s Great Lakes, as well as its largest mountain, Kilimanjaro.


Want to see it for yourself? Come to us and teach as our guest! We are happy to help organise your trip. We have a little guest house on our land, nestled in the local culture.

Red tree on our grounds

Red tree on our grounds

Our boys looking after the goats

Our boys looking after the goats

Lemon Garden

Lemon Garden

Green nature

Green nature

Banana Tree

Banana Tree

Coconut Tree

Coconut Tree

Bird's Eye View

Bird's Eye View

Bird landed

Bird landed

Pineapple plant

Pineapple plant

Beginnings of the new kindergarden!

Beginnings of the new kindergarden!


For Montessori teachers we offer the opportunity to visit our kindergarden, participate in taking classes and get involved with daily life in Tanzania.

We offer you an exciting and inspiring program, for 2 days, one week, or longer. Get in touch!


Please send us your CV with picture, letter of motivation, and Montessori teaching certificate. Please also include your expectations of the experience and any previous experience you have, and don’t forget to state your desired time of stay.

Teach with Us

Montessori Volunteer from Simbabwe is giving a lesson to medium class
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You can donate to our kindergarden here.

Montessori class member

Our work is entirely dependent on the generosity of people around the world. Your donation helps us provide an education for children in Tanzania- from a safe building to learn in, to trained staff and teaching materials.


Our Tumaini Montessori Friends Kindergarden is a project of Streetkids International, Tanzania Branch. We guarantee that your donation reaches its destination, and is used to give our children a future.


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+49 69 175 54 90 22

Get In Touch

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Donation Receipt:

Please do not forget to give us your adress to enable us to send a donation receipt. One-time donations to

Streetkids International e.V. for supporting orphans are tax-deductible as well!

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